Upcoming Bible Class – Philippians: A Study in JOY (May 7th-June 25th)

The members of the Philippians church were desperately poor. They were persecuted for the cause of Christ and under attack by false teachers. On top of all of this, they were dealing with a feud between two prominent women in their congregation that threatened to shatter the unity of their church. As the Apostle Paul addressed these believers, he knew their situation and yet despite their circumstances, these believers had an overwhelming joy that permeated their church. So much so, that this letter to the Philippians has been dubbed, “the epistle of joy.”  Come join us as we spend eight weeks digging together in this incredible book, seeking to apply its principles so that we may learn the secret of having joy, peace, and contentment in every circumstance we face. We are looking forward to this journey into joy! – The Elders of Good Shepherd

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