Each ministry at Good Shepherd Community Church exists to pursue and develop our mission statement, to be a Christ-centered community committed to glorifying God, teaching His Word and ways, and promoting loving relationships as we make disciples of Jesus Christ.

Ministry Contacts

Children’s Ministry

Jennie Pickens ~ 312-9368

Student Ministry – Middle & High School

Call the Church ~ 384-5403

Men’s Ministry

Pastor Jeremy Pickens ~ 384-5403

Women’s Ministry

Cindy Bender ~ 380-2153

Small Groups

Call the Church ~ 384-5403

Dine With Nine (Fellowship Groups)

Call the Church ~ 384-5403

Music Ministry

Jesse Weatherby ~ 384-5403

Local Outreach

Ken Hancock ~ 734-8189

Global Outreach

Call the Church ~ 384-5403

Prayer Chain

Church Office (during office hours) ~ 384-5403

Jennie Pickens ~ 312-9368

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