Winter Bible Class – Evangelism 101: Our Message & Our Mission

Sunday Morning Bible Class – 9 AM (Starting January 28th)

Evangelism is the responsibility of every Christian. Yet, many times, we just don’t feel qualified to share the Good News of Jesus with those around us who are not saved. It could be that we are afraid of not sharing the Gospel correctly, or fear of failing to know how to an answer a hard question, or even fear offending someone if we speak up. While these reservations are real, the commission we’ve been given by Jesus our Savior calls us to move past our fears to boldly share the most important message anyone can ever hear. A message of hope and forgiveness. A message of joy and life. A message with eternal implications!

The goal of this class is to equip each person to shine the light of the Gospel more intentionally and more boldly. We will come at evangelism from a number of different angles in the Scriptures and find applications each week that will help us put to work what we have learned.  Whether you are a new believer or a long-time Christian, this class will help you more actively share the good news of the Gospel.  Please sign up for this class in the Lobby.  There is no cost for this class.


1.      Our Message & Our Mission

2.      Our Role & God’s Role in Evangelism

3.      Meeting The Lost Where They Are

4.      The Role of Prayer in Evangelism

5.      The Role of Truth in Evangelism

6.      The Role of Good Works in Evangelism

7.      The Role of Love in Evangelism

8.      Be Yourself, Be Bold, & Be Unashamed

9.      The Power of a Gospel-Centered Testimony

10.  Our Exclusive Message in an Age of Tolerance

11.  The Call of Evangelism

12.  Our Motivation in Evangelism

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